Tips for Launching a New Uniform Policy

Tips for Launching a New Uniform Policy

Creating a uniform policy is not always easy, and implementing it can be even harder. If you are excited about your new company uniforms and looking to revamp your uniform policy at the same time, here is what you need to know!

Tackle Any Problems Before They Start

First, you should make sure all of your employees have a properly-fitting uniform the moment that they arrive. Let everyone try the new uniforms on and set a date and time so that they know their deadline to report any problems. At the same time, set a clear date where the uniform policy will go into effect.

Give Clear Instructions

As we stated above, being clear is essential. You should type up a care sheet for your employees with instructions on how to properly hang, wash, and care for their uniforms. If you are taking advantage of Chesapeake Uniform’s uniform rental services, you should also explain how uniform rental will work.

Launch It

Setting a specific launch date or event is a fun way to celebrate new uniforms and potential new branding. Your team will get a chance to get together and break their new uniforms in, and you can show them off to your customers as well. If you have a larger company with hundreds or thousands of employees, consider having a fun event like a fashion show to show off the new designs and get everyone excited about the new uniform policy.

Make It Fun

Finally, make your uniform policy as fun as possible. While it won’t work for every business, allowing employees to wear their own jewelry or add their own accents can make uniforms still appear professional but feel much more fun. Ask your employees what you can do to make your uniform policy better, and make it clear that you are open to feedback for the indefinite future. A uniform that your employees approve of will make enforcing the policy that much easier.

Uniform Rentals from Chesapeake Uniform

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