Uniforms and your Employees

Uniforms are known to have a positive effect on a company and its employees. While uniforms can say a lot about your company, it is sometimes unclear as to what employees say about their uniforms. Most often, uniforms are chosen by companies in order to reflect the brand image they want. Without uniforms, staff members would be left to fend for themselves, which could come across as unprofessional and unreliable.

If a company wants a more luxurious brand appearance, they tend to choose a more formal uniform. A more casual and company will choose comfort over appearance in their uniforms. So what does that mean for employees?

Employees who are dissatisfied with their uniforms tend to be dissatisfied with their job in general. They are also less likely to go the extra mile and their productivity could falter. Those who are happy with their uniforms tend to be happier and more satisfied at work overall and have a tendency to be more productive.

So what are employees looking for in uniforms?

  • Function- Uniforms must be sturdy enough to handle the everyday movements of the job. Low quality uniforms tend to be easier to tear and stain, which could leave your staff looking rundown and unprofessional. Impractical uniforms for the job at hand, like heavy materials for someone working in the sun, could leave employees stressed and frustrated.
  • Appearance- Employees won’t have an issue with wearing uniforms if they find them appealing. No one wants to wear an article of clothing if it makes them feel awkward or self-conscious.
  • Price- Employees will take fault with uniforms if they are forced to pay for them on their own, or if they are costly. Uniform rental services will help eliminate the burden of price on both you and your employees.

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