Uniforms for Building Team Spirit

If you’re a business owner, increasing productivity is certainly a concern. Instilling high morale in your employees actually makes them 89% more likely to put in some extra effort in their work, according to a study by Bright Horizons. So how do uniforms instill team spirit among your employees, and why does that matter?

People Associate Uniforms With Pride

Ever play for a sports team? Maybe your little league team, or high school football? You were proud to put on your uniform. People associate uniforms with pride because some of the most prideful things one can do involve wearing one. Police officers, firemen, sports legends all wear uniforms. It might seem like a draconian policy to implement but you’ll find that your employees will actually love their new uniforms.

Identify Them As Professionals

Only pros get to wear uniforms. No, really! It’s a sign that your employee is a professional. Not only will your customers know that your uniformed employee is someone they can speak to for quality help, but the employees themselves will also feel empowered and like they offer a skillset that matters. Your employees will love coming to work knowing that their knowledge truly matters, and that just like the pros on the sports field, they are professionals in their own sphere of knowledge.

Make Them Feel Safer

Uniforms aren’t just for team spirit. They’re also a safety concern. You’ll be able to quickly recognize who is and isn’t a part of your organization. Employees will feel safer knowing that they can tell who should be where just by looking at them.

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