Using Cotton or Polyester for Your Uniforms

Finding the right fabric makes a huge difference for your employees. After all, you don’t want to be too hot during the warm seasons or too cold during the cold seasons. Even though summer is considered to only have about a month left, that does mean it can’t still be warm well into the fall. Here’s a look at choosing between cotton or polyester for your uniforms.

Using Cotton

Cotton is a natural material, and it feels good on the skin. That’s why it is so often used for shirts and other tops, no matter what time of year it is. It is also capable of absorbing moisture, which means that it can be sweat-wicking. Heavier duty cotton is also available, depending on how the fabric is woven. Also, cotton is great for when you want to have different colors. Different uniform colors can help establish a clear hierarchy, but the real reason you would want to use cotton is because it dyes well and distributes that color so your uniform shirts look even better.

Sadly, cotton does have a tendency to shrink. Repeated washing and drying will have a negative effect on the material. Plus, too much sun exposure will lead to the colors fading and any decals on the shirt will begin to break down. Although it doesn’t last as long as polyester does, it is also biodegradable. That means, in the long run, that cotton is much better for the environment.

Using Polyester

Now let’s turn our attention to polyester. While it is a synthetic material, it is incredibly durable. Believe it or not, it is made from recycled plastic! It won’t break down easily and doesn’t shrink, either. Something else to think about? It’s not very absorbent. This can either be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the situation. But this does mean that it will dry extremely fast. It doesn’t wrinkle or fade. This material is much better option for workers who have intense physical demands as part of their jobs. It will make their summers much more comfortable. Even so, the fabric isn’t compostable and it doesn’t breathe as well as its cotton counterpart.

The Blend

For the best results, you will probably want to consider a poly-cotton blend. Polyester and cotton are woven together to create this product, and you can even integrate it into the fabrics you use to give your office furniture some much-needed texture!

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