What All Companies Should Know When Choosing New Uniforms

Renting new uniforms or even purchasing them can be far more complicated than expected. No matter what industry your business is a part of, you need to be able to trust your uniform vendor. Every company deserves to have the best employee uniforms. With that in mind, here are some of the things you should know.

Serving Multiple Masters

One problem many companies run into when they design or purchase new uniforms is that they are trying to accomplish too much all at once. After all, the uniforms have to look impressive and professional while still being comfortable and easy to wear. Everyone will have something to say, and in some cases, you can’t accept all of the chatter. Still, creating a poll and taking employee input into consideration will help you make the best decisions and have some fantastic uniforms that are huge improvements over the old ones. Listen to your workers and hear what they have to say.

Making Uniforms Last

Making sure that your uniforms can stand the test of time will help set them apart from the rest. When it comes to ensuring uniform durability, accept no imitations. Be sure to choose the best materials that can both breathe and incorporate moisture-wicking technology for the summer and still warm enough to keep your employees from getting a chill. Even in the summer, this can still happen, especially if your employees need to work around refrigerated areas or cold storage.

Making Them More Functional

You’ll also want to find ways to make your new uniforms more functional than they were before. This is another category in which valuing employee feedback will help produce better results. Plus, your new uniforms shouldn’t get in the way or reduce productivity; they shouldn’t crease easily, or be too long or too short for all of your employees.

Addressing Safety Concerns

Lastly, be sure to assess what factors could present hazards and think about how to address these concerns. Preventing and minimizing work-related accidents will improve team morale and also help your company gain reputation within the community. Nobody wants to be at fault for a chemical spill or building fire that happened due to an employee hurting themselves or attempting to make themselves more comfortable because their uniforms are too constricting.

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