If you are choosing fabric for uniforms or clothing for your employees, there are a few important things to consider. Pick appropriate materials for whatever environment they will be in. Obviously, winters and summers outside and full days in temperature controlled indoor conditions require different types of clothing. Many across the board are starting to reach for microfiber.

What Is Microfiber?

Initially used in furniture upholstery, microfiber is one of the highly durable synthetic fabrics that is beginning to gain popularity in clothing. This long lasting material holds up better against wear, and retains its shape far better than a lot of more traditional clothing fabrics do.

Microfiber Clothing Is Highly Durable

Clothing can be very expensive, and is rarely made of materials that will stand the test of time. Those investment pieces rarely turn out to be actual investments. Microfiber started out as a popular material in furniture and upholstery because it can stand up against anything thrown its way. Pets, children, spills, heavy use, and wear and tear can’t touch microfiber. Microfiber is simply made of stronger stuff than your average cotton shirt, and can outlast heavy wear in ways that traditional clothing materials just can’t.

Microfiber Resists Stains Better Than Many Other Fabrics

Regular clothing materials stain easily. Who hasn’t lost a favorite shirt or pair of pants an unfortunate stain or accident? Often our favorite outfits are only one spill or accident away from being permanently ruined. They are then unusable and have to be thrown out. This is a wasteful and inconvenient pain that you know all too well, especially if you have to wear white as a part of your work uniform. Microfiber, however, is incredibly stain resistant. Even the most infamous stain causing foods and beverages, such as red wine and mustard, which can permanently ruin traditional clothing, are less likely to stain durable microfiber.

Chesapeake Uniform Offers Microfiber Clothing

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