You’ve decided to further professionalize your business and staff by offering uniforms, but now you have to decide whether or not you should rent, lease, or purchase uniforms outright. If you already have the money to invest in purchasing all of the uniforms you need outright, you can customize and re-purchase uniforms as needed for as long as they are needed. If you choose to rent, you are locked into a contract that may have limitations, but you will avoid huge up-front charges. Here are some reasons why renting work uniforms may be the smarter choice for your business.

Repairs and Replacements

The biggest advantage of renting work uniforms instead of buying them is that renting allows for repair and replacement at low or no cost. Your employees work incredibly hard for you and that can be incredibly hard on their work uniforms. Tough to remove stains, ripping, or other types of damage to work uniforms all make your uniforms look less professional (and can cause employees a headache). With most uniform rental companies, damaged, beyond repair, or lost uniforms can be replaced for a low cost or free of charge.

Skip the Huge Investment

Whether your small business is small or not so small, it can be very expensive to outfit all of your employees with a new uniform. Purchasing uniforms and re-purchasing whenever a uniform is lost or irreparably damaged can have a hefty price tag for you, the business owner. If you are looking to skip the steep initial investment in uniforms or outfit a number of employees so large you couldn’t afford to buy outright, renting work uniforms is the best option for you. Renting work uniforms allows you to make changes more quickly in the event of a rebranding or logo change and it eliminates the up-front financial burden.

Don’t Worry About High Turnover Rates

If you work in an industry with high turnover rates, purchasing uniforms for your employees can feel a lot like throwing money away. Some businesses utilize a great deal of seasonal staff or high school students that are not available to work after the summer ends. Other industries are demanding and employees cannot always handle the stresses of the job. If you have a good number of employees that only stay for a short while, renting work uniforms will prevent you from having to purchase and customize uniforms for people that won’t stick around long enough for the order to arrive. Rental companies will allow you to adjust your monthly uniform order and cost based on the expected number of employees for that month or your turnover rate.

For All of Your Work Uniform Needs

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