Work Uniform Sanitization Routine

In the times of COVID-19, maintaining social distancing and proper hand washing can help curb the spread of coronavirus from person to person. Adding in a work uniform sanitization routine can help prevent the spread of germs, especially if you're working in a medical setting or with the general public on a daily basis. While throwing your clothes into the laundry after you've just spent hours on your feet at work may be the last thing you want to do, there are steps you can take to effectively keep your work apparel from spreading germs throughout your home environment.

Change Out of Your Work Uniform

Packing a spare change of clothes to work and a laundering bag can help prevent your work uniform from introducing germs throughout your home environment. After your shift has ended, it may feel tempting to simply drive home in your work uniform instead of getting changed. However, by changing into clean clothes and packing your dirty work uniform into a laundering bag, you can prevent germs from touching materials inside of your car or home surfaces. After you arrive home, immediately throw your work uniform and laundry bag into your laundry to be washed.

Wash Your Work Uniform Alone

Don't throw in any additional laundry to be washed with your work uniform once you arrive home. You'll want to wash your work uniform, alone, in hot water with detergent and a color safe bleach in the washing machine. If you have a sanitization setting on your washer, incorporate that setting in order to effectively rid the fabric of your work uniform from germs. Once the washing machine has run its course on your work uniform, you can throw it into the dryer on the highest heat setting.

Dry on High Heat

Dry your work uniform on the highest heat setting possible for your dryer for at least 30 to 40 minutes. By doing so, you'll totally sanitize your work uniform from any germs that may have come into contact with the fabric of your uniform. If you're working in a formal working environment that requires your work uniform to be wrinkle-free, you can iron press your clothing for that final freshly-pressed step.

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