Work Uniforms as a Budget-Friendly Marketing Tool

employee-uniforms-marketing-tool.jpgThe traditional forms of marketing and advertising that are commonly referenced include television, internet, radio, billboard, Yellow Pages, and newspaper. As technology and the world changes, the influence of each marketing tool is changing. While uniforms are not always thought of as a brand enhancement strategy, they are actually an exceedingly effective marketing tool. As the times change, marketing must change and adapt in order for businesses to flourish. Consider making use of uniforms properly as an invaluable marketing tool in order to benefit your business.

How Do Uniforms Stack Up Against Traditional Advertising Methods?

According to the results of 267 Surveys spanning a whole host of varied industries, uniforms are a highly effective marketing tool. 56.1% of respondents reported that strategic uniform programs yield better results than internet advertising. 73.5% said uniforms are more effective than traditional TV advertising. Nearly three quarters of those surveyed preferred uniforms to radio advertising and over three quarters of participants found uniforms to be more highly effective than billboard advertising. Over half found uniforms to be more useful for generating business than the Yellow Pages, and 71.5% thought uniforms achieved better results than placing ads in the newspaper.

What Makes Uniforms Such An Effective Marketing Tool?

When it comes to advertising, luck can play a factor. While customers may or may not see or hear your commercial on the TV, radio, or internet, and your print ad will reach a limited audience, it is guaranteed that they will see your employees when they enter your business. This economical marketing tool turns employees into business advocates who help solidify an unmistakeable image for your business and solidify your brand. Customers will know when they enter your business exactly where they are and who you are. However, in order for uniforms to serve as an effective marketing tool, they must be properly branded.

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