Work Uniforms as a Marketing Tool

Last week we wrote about the various
benefits of work uniforms, ranging from comfort to safety, identification to unity. This week, however, we're focusing on one particular benefit, and that is the value of work uniforms as a marketing tool. An often overlooked strategy, some subtle logo placement or cohesive design can really make your employees' work uniforms stand out and get your brand name out there, wherever they may be.

In-House Employees

If a customer is already in your store or office, they've probably already chosen your brand. However, decking out all your employees in uniforms will give a look or professionalism and cohesiveness that will impress visitors and clients. Additionally, putting all your employees in the same or similar work uniforms will make them easily identifiable in your store. As such, customers will have an easy time finding someone to answer questions, help with a sale, or generally improve their experience in your facility. Anything to improve the customer experience is a positive marketing tool.

Travelling Employees

This is the kicker when it comes to brand placement on work uniforms as a marketing tool. If your company is one that dispatches workers or doesn't have a central hub location, branding your work uniforms can be huge for brand awareness. Every person your employee interacts with while wearing a branded uniform is a person that you're advertising to, essentially for free. In a method that's approaching subliminal advertising, this is a subtle and easy way to increase your marketing capacity.

Whether it's in including a physical logo or simply in creating a more positive customer experience, work uniforms can do more to help your business than many people realize when it comes to their use as a marketing tool.

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