Your Uniform Rental Company: What to Consider

When it comes to considering a uniform rental company, many business owners find themselves skeptical to the idea. Some may have experienced poor service from a company at one point while other owners have heard whispers of hidden fees and late uniforms so they choose to stay away. However, there is a uniform rental company out there for your business. By considering the five things below, you will be able to find your uniform rental company match without the fear of costing your business precious time or money.

So what should be considered?

· Uniforms Available- You don’t want to choose a uniform rental company that doesn’t provide the uniforms that you need for your business. Instead of choosing two or three different companies that have only some of what you need, look for a company that can provide you with every uniform needed for your staff to save on time and money.

· Responsiveness of Company- If you have a question or need something taken care of with your uniforms, you want to know that you can successfully reach your company every time you reach out to them. If a voicemail must be left because you are calling after hours, you should receive a prompt response the next business day. Low responsiveness could be a sign of an unorganized or understaffed company.

· Tracking- It is always helpful to have the option to track your uniforms. Tracking incoming uniforms can help you ensure they arrive on time while tracking outgoing uniforms can help you prevent late return fees.

· Operation Location- A uniform rental company that works out of one main office is typically helpful and effective. This means you know where your uniforms are located at all times and the risk for a misplaced uniform decreases.

· References- The company should be willing to provide you with a list of references or testimonials about their service. A lack of references could be an indicator of poor service or inexperience.

Chesapeake Uniform has been providing uniform rental services for over 30 years to the following areas:

· Maryland

· Delaware

· Washington DC

· Southern Pennsylvania

· Northern Virginia

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers the most competitive prices thanks to our national affiliation with ApparelMaster®.

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